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Front Drive Electric Bike Kit From £399.00
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Front Drive Electric Bike Kit

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Wouldn’t it be great to keep cycling your ordinary bike yet never have to struggle with hills again? Or carry on your normal commute without having to arrive at work covered in sweat?

Now, you can! This electric bike kit (eKit) allows you to transform your bike into an e-bike for a fraction of the cost. Cycling will suddenly have a whole new dimension to it!

Since a Lithium-Ion battery is included, this is most probably the best value for money conversion kit you can find on the market. It's also one of the most practical kits because all connectors are push fit and waterproof - so come rain or shine you can use your electric bike.

Over the years we’ve received great feedback from satisfied customers. They’ve told us that they can now cycle further than they’ve ever done and can tackle routes they wouldn’t have considered before going electric.

Electric bike kit specifications:
Motor: 250W brushless front hub motor (reaches maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation, i.e. 15.5mph)

Wheel size: 20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 700c, 28inch or 29er
Wheel material: Double walled alloy rim with reinforced spokes to withstand extra tension.

Throttle: thumb type.
Brake levers: Electric levers that also cut the power when applied.
Brake compatibility: Compatible with both disc brakes and V-brakes
Fork compatibility: Minimum 100mm between fork drop-outs (which is the vast majority of forks)

Battery Options - All 36v
7aH Bottle Battery - approx 25 miles per charge
7aH Pannier Battery - approx 25 miles per charge
11aH Pannier Battery - approx 40 miles per charge
14aH Frame battery - approx 60 miles per charge
17aH Pannier battery - approx 75 miles per charge
21aH Frame battery- approx 90 miles per charge
All batteries are detachable and are supplied with a charger.

A thumb throttle is supplied with the kit as standard but it’s pedal assistance that will truly transform your riding experience.

Pedal Assistance System
Why not upgrade your conversion kit by adding one of our optional Pedal Assistance Systems (PAS)? A Pedal Assistance System is a device that senses your pedalling and makes your kit give automatic assistance, i.e. you do not have to press the throttle throughout your journey.

We have two PAS packages on offer:
Pedal Assistance System (Basic)
This is our basic PAS upgrade which includes a handlebar dashboard allowing you to shift between three power levels; low, medium or high. This display shows your battery level and gives an indication of your speed.

Pedal Assistance System (Advanced)
This is our top of the range electric bike kit upgrade for you who want to combine your conversion kit with state of the art technology, yet at a surprisingly good value. This package combines a Pedal Assistance System with an advanced LCD handlebar monitor which, not only gives you five levels of power, but also displays your speed, journey distance, time, average speed and many other readings.

Although pedal assistance is an optional upgrades, it is as it will transform your riding experience and improve the longevity of the battery.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to include a Pedal Assistance System with your eKit, the bottom bracket on your bike needs to be a Square Taper type (which is the most common bottom bracket on ordinary bikes). If you don’t have a square taper bottom bracket, you may need to replace it as well as the crank arms to make your bike compatible with the PAS. If in doubt, please call us on how to fit a square taper bottom bracket on your bike. Please note that we know include an easy fit pedal assist sensor which is designed for DIY fitment (no special tools required).

All components in the kit are covered by a 12 month warranty, with all spares being held in the UK.

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