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Why convert a bike to electric?

Why convert a bike to electric?Electric bikes are a great way to cycle - whether it's for the daily commute; popping out to the shops or leisurely Sunday afternoons along the towpath. Whatever your reasons for considering buying an electric bike, you'll want to be sure that the bike is comfortable and suits your needs.

That's where we can help.

We specialise in converting standard bikes to electric bikes, using high quality electric bike kits. At this point you may be asking yourself: "Why bother? There are already hundreds of off the shelf electric bikes available in the UK". And you would of course be correct - there is an overwhelming choice of electric bikes available for you to purchase, but before you dismiss the idea of converting a standard bike to an electric bike let us point a few things out to you:

1) The price of a converted bike is usually less expensive than a factory built equivalent
2) The quality of a converted bike will be better than a factory built equivalent
3) With a conversion you get a choice of battery; controller; gear change mechanism; throttle; seat and so on
4) If you already have a bike that you're happy with we can convert this to electric for you
5) All of our work is guaranteed for 12 months

So you can get an electric bike conversion that's better quality than a factory equivalent; costing less than the factory bike; and you get a choice of components. How does it sound now?

What bikes can be converted?
Most bikes are suitable for conversions: trekking bikes; mountain bike; hybrids; step through bikes and folding bikes being the most popular. Once converted these bikes enjoy the exact same benefits of factory built electric bikes.

What is the specification of the electric kit?
First and foremost we only use the best quality kits that are guaranteed for 12 months. There is a choice of battery style and size; controller; an option for throttle only or throttle and pedal assistance and last but not least we cater for almost all wheel sizes. The kits that we use are 36V with 250w motors.