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Electric Bike Conversions is Powered By Bike Bros! We've been supplying electric conversion kits to customers throughout the UK since 2011. We also provide bike servicing and repairs, as well as sell electric bikes to customers through our other website Electric Bike Factory.

We carefully select all of the products that we promote because our reputation depends on ensuring that we only offer the best possible Electric Bike Conversion Kits at each price point. Therefore, if we don't promote a particular kit, then it's because we've found something better for the same price.

All of the electric bikes and kits that we supply come with a UK warranty so you have peace of mind should something go wrong with it - we're only a phone call or email away.

How We Do Things
Every single one of our customers matters to us. We care about the products that we offer and the service that we provide - it's really important to us that you feel that we've offered you the service that you expect. This is from the first time that you visit our site, through helping you with your purchasing decision, delivering to you on time and by offering you guidance and advice should you have any queries when you've received your Conversion Kit. 

Buying from Electric Bike Conversions
We do our very best to ensure that our customers have a great buying experience when purchasing an electric bike kit from Electric Bike Conversions. From the moment you first look at our site, through choosing your bike, taking delivery and using it, we'll be there to provide the support and guidance that you need. For added peace of mind, take a look at our customer testimonials.

Getting Advice
Electric bikes are still quite new to the UK and inevitably you'll have questions about how far a particular bike will go between charges; how long a battery will last; whether one brand of bike is better than another and so on. The good news is that you can contact us to ask us, either by calling us or by contacting us via the website. We'll always offer straightforward and clear advice and, because we build electric bikes, we generally know what we're talking about. It's all very well selling electric bikes but unless you've taken one apart or built one from the ground up then you don't necessarily know what makes a really good electric bike - our experience in building electric bikes gives us a unique insight and therefore we can offer sensible and practical advice.

So, when you buy an electric bike kit from EBC how does it work?
Once you've chosen the kit that you want, you can order online via our secure website or call us to place your order.

Once we have your order we ship the parts out or arrange to get your bike collected. The kits are installed at our Guildford workshop, meaning that the electric kit; brakes; gears, handlebars, pedals and so on are all on the bike - all you have to do when receiving the bike is unbox it!! 

We offer a collection service, whereby you can collect from our store, or we can deliver anywhere in the UK using our specialist delivery team. 

What happen's if something goes wrong with the kit?
Put simply, we fix it!! All of the electric bikes and kits that we sell have a UK based warranty, so if your kit develops a fault during this period then we fix it free of charge.

We look forward to meeting you - The Bike Bros team