Mid-Drive Kit Installation Guide

If you are DIY installing one of our Mid-Crank Kits or Bafang kits, you may need some installation guidance.


This video below is a good example of how to install the motor. Both Bafang and the Mid-Crank motors are installed the same way. 

We do sell a Complete Tool Kit & the Bafang BBS Install Tool if you want to make sure you have everything you need.


If you have a Bafang kit, you can follow this video below for the rest of the kit.

If your battery is too large to fit inside the frame, you can install it under the downtube like this:

If you need to drill new holes and install rivets for this, here is a great guide on how to do this, and below is a great video showing the process.

We use this Rivet Nut Tool Kit.


Reprogramming the Bafang kits:

Here is a guide to reprogramming your Bafang motor, however do so at your own risk! Please respect the UK road Laws if you use this kit on the road and the warranty for these kits does not cover misuse. If something breaks as a result of using any reprogramming software, you are on your own! We will be firm on this. Please proceed with caution.

Download a programming software for the Bafang kits here:



If you have installed one of the Mid-Crank kits, you will need to calibrate it for your wheel size and what speed you want displayed (MPH/KPH).

To do this start with the system turned OFF, then:
1. As soon as you turn the system on press and hold the "+ & -" buttons until the settings start to flash.
2. Go to setting 3: Select your wheel size
3. Go to setting 4: Choose between MPH or KPH
4. Once these are all set hold the "+ & -" to save the settings.
5. We recommend to once again enter the system and check they have been saved correctly.

To de-restrict the Mid-Crank Kit, please return a signed copy of this derestriction form to us and we will forward on the instructions to you.

Good luck and happy trails!