Mid-Crank Kit

Mid-Crank Kit


Please get in touch before placing an order for stock availability!

This is our best selling kit and our favourite as well! This 250W/500W motor kit offers a great combination of strong torque, high efficiency with low power consumption and noise output. The mid drive motor transfers power through the bikes gears, meaning the motor can operate within its optimum RPM range which is ideal for hill climbing. Paired with the larger batteries, this kit is one of the best out there! 

The unique 250/500W system allows you to have a higher power option where it is safe and legal to do so while still maintaining the ability to use the low power option on the road for maximum efficiency. When in 500W mode, this kit can reach speeds of up to 25 - 30mph. 

To fit this kit there are a few things we would need to check:
- The bottom bracket of your bike will need to be between 68-73mm wide in order to work with this mid drive, you will also need to consider space for the motor.
- The chain ring is 42 tooth so chainline will need to be fairly standard and the chain may need to be lengthened or shortened, also you can only use this as a 1 ring set up. 

What's included:

  • Mid Drive Brushless Motor (internal controller).
  • LCD Display
  • 42 Tooth Chain Wheel + Plastic Chain Cover.
  • 2 x Brake Levers.
  • Left And Right Crank Arms.
  • Sensor + Magnets.
  • Waterproof Quick Release Cables.
  • Thumb Throttle 

Battery Options

  • Pannier Battery: 500w 36v/11aH. Pannier rack supplied with kit 
    - 250w mode gives 40 miles range between charges
    - 500w mode gives 25 miles range between charges
  • Frame battery: 500w 36v/15Ah
    - 250w mode gives 60 miles range between charges
    - 500w mode gives 35 miles range between charges
  • Pannier battery: 500w 36v/17Ah. Pannier rack supplied with kit
    - 250w mode gives 75 miles range between charges
    - 500w mode gives 40 miles range between charges
  • Frame battery: 500w 36v/19Ah
    - 250w mode gives 90 miles range between charges
    - 500w mode gives 45 miles range between charges

Bottom Bracket:
This kit will only fit 
68-73mm square taper bottom brackets and threaded bottoms brackets. 
If your bike has a 
Square Taper Bottom Bracket or a Threaded Bottom Bracket, this kit will fit your bike.
If your bike has a Press Fit Bottom Bracket, get in touch as this kit won't fit. We can recommend an alternative kit for you. 

If you're not sure a Mid-Crank Kit is right for you, try our kit builder! It only takes a few minutes and we'll figure out the best kit for you

If you are looking for some help DIY installing one of these kits, have a look at our Mid-Drive Kit Installation Guides.