Pendix eDrive150

Pendix eDrive150

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The Pendix eDrive150 conversion kit turns your bike into a reliable and powerful eBike. The system fits almost every frame type, no matter if city, trekking, load or mountain bikes, there just has to be enough space for the battery and the motor on the frame. It can be mounted independently of the impeller size, gear shift or brake system. The system supports belt and chain drive. This must be on the right side of the bike and your bike must have a BSA bottom bracket. The Pendix eDrive500 is ideal for your routes up to 28 km length. The complete system weighs only 5.6 kg.

The mid-mounted gearless motor is mounted instead of the left crank. Due to its construction and position on the bike, it provides a particularly natural riding feeling and is absolutely noiseless. With an output of 250 watts and a maximum torque of 32 Nm, it supports your pedalling performance up to a speed of 25 km/h (legally permissible maximum value for EU countries). Higher speeds can be achieved by using pure muscle power. As the motor does not have a gearbox, there is no noticeable pedaling resistance when the battery is switched off, so you can still use your bike as before.

The 48 V Pendix ePower150 (battery) has a capacity of 140 Wh and works on the basis of modern lithium-ion technology. It can be easily removed from the bike and fully recharged within 1 hours and 15 minutes using the supplied 120 W charger. While driving, the battery shows you the current charge level through the color changing LED ring. By pushing the power knob you activate the support of the motor. Then 150% will be added to your own pedalling performance. This smart design means you don't need an additional display on the handlebars. If you still want to have current data visible on the handlebars, you can use the Bluetooth function of the battery to connect it to your smartphone and the PRO app. The battery has a USB interface for charging external devices such as your mobile phone. The Pendix ePower is mounted with a metal holder directly on the bike frame.

*under ideal conditions