Bottom Bracket Standard and Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The bottom bracket is an important component on a bicycle that connects the crank arms and chainrings to the frame. It allows the crankset to rotate freely and with less friction, making pedaling easier. Bottom brackets come in different sizes and types, depending on the bicycle frame and crankset.

There are two main types of bottom brackets: threaded and pressfit bottom brackets. Threaded bottom brackets screw into threads on the inside of the frame. Pressfit bottom brackets are pressed into the frame and held in place with friction. The most common size for road bikes is 68mm, while mountain bikes use a 73mm bottom bracket.

There are two types of threaded bottom bracket: cartridge and cup-and-cone. The former is the newer standard and uses bearings that are sealed inside a cartridge. The latter have loose ball bearings that sit in cups which are screwed into the frame. Pressfit bottom brackets are more difficult to indentify as there are mant different standards.
Threaded and Press Fit
If you have a threaded bottom bracket, then it is simply a case of removing the old bottom bracket and replacing it with the new one that comes on the motor. You will however need to check that the spindle length is correct for your bike. As such, it’s important to look at your existing bottom bracket and check that the new one will fit. The good news is that most bikes made before 2012 using a BSA type square taper bottom bracket which these motors will fit. If however you have a later bike, especially if it is a more expensive one, please check the type of bottom bracket and then read on for advice.

If you have a press-fit bottom bracket, then the good news is that aftermarket conversion adaptors are available for bafang. As for CYC they offer different spindels for different types of press fit standards out of the box. These adaptors are quite universal so it’s likely that if you change bikes in the future, the motor will still fit.

It’s important to note that if you do have a press-fit bottom bracket, you will need to check the size. The most common sizes are BB92, BB89.5, BB86 and BB30. If you’re unsure of the size, then simply measure the internal width of the bottom bracket shell on your frame. This should be between 41-46mm for a BB92, between 37-42mm for a BB89.5, between 33-38mm for a BB86 and 30mm for a BB30. If you have a bike with an even larger bottom bracket shell (up to 50mm), then you can still use a Bafang, TongSheng or CYC motor, but you will need to get an adaptor made for your bike by a machine shop.
Get in touch if you are unsure what kit is best suited for your bicycle
BSA / Square Taper / Threaded / Sealed / Cup and Cone
This is the most common bottom bracket standard and one that we see on 90% of bikes that we convert. It’s also the easiest to work with because the bottom bracket is typically threaded into the frame. This makes it easy to remove and install. The bottom brackets of this type found on most bikes are 67 or 73mm long.

The good news is that the Bafang BBSHD motor is designed to be a direct replacement for these. The BBSHD is also available in 100 and 120mm variations, generally found on fat bikes. 

For front or rear while drives that use a dedicated PAS sensor, externally threaded bottom brackets will require some DIY to make the plastic PAS disc fit the crank. If you are unsure about how to do this, please get in touch. Generally if you do have an externally threaded bottom bracket then a mid mounted motor is the best way to go. 

For this type of bottom bracket the follow kits will fit:
Press Fit Bottom Brackets
Unlike square taper / threaded bottom brackets, these use bearings that are pressed directly into the shell (ie frame).  The BB30 and PF30 are the only press fit bearings that a Tongsheng or Bafang BBSHD motors will fit. You will need to purchase a BB30 or PF30 to BSA adaptor which shrinks down the bottom bracket diameter to a BSA size. Without this the Bafang or Tongsheng motor would be loose.

The CYC motor (both the stealth and X1 Pro) offer a motor than can fit into BB92 and BB107-109 standards. This is the only motor that offers this out of the box without the need for any adaptors.  
E-mail if you are unsure what motor is best for your bike
Dont't order a kit if you are unsure what motor is the best for your bike and use
Other Press Fit Standards 
There are many exotic style of bottom bracket fittings. If you are unsure what you have or what motor will fit best. Please get in touch. As the unsupported bottom brackets will require a specialist adaptor to allow any of the motors we offer to fit. 

Please note that you will need to find an engineering company to have an adaptor milled to convert your bicycle to a BSA standard. 
Do send us photos of your bike and we can advise on the best kit for your ride
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