We can build your new eBike

Electric bike conversions are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to make their biking experience more efficient and eco-friendly. There are a number of reasons to consider an electric bike conversion kit, rather than simply buying a new electric bike. First, by converting your existing bike, you can be sure that it will be a comfortable fit and that all the controls will be familiar to you. Second, you can choose exactly the right motor and battery size for your needs. And third, electric bike conversions can be less expensive than buying a new electric bike.

Conversions can be done on most types of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and even some unique two, three or even four wheel bicycles. So if you’re looking for a way to make your biking experience more efficient and eco-friendly, an electric bike conversion kit may be the perfect solution.

Let our professional mechanics fo the hard work for you and fo the kit fitting. You will also have the opportunity to add any accessories that you desire. Making your bike electric usally takes 3-4 hours to complete by our experienced team, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.
What can we do?
Our professional workshop can do any work needed to get your kit fitted on your bicycle. Including servicing your bike! Our workshop is fully kitted with all the tools and we have all the spares needed to do a pre-kit service on your bicycle. A pre kit service is a mechanical overhaul of your bike before making it electric. We also stock most spares from reputable manufacturers such as Shimano and SRAM. We also stock accessories such as racks, bags, mudguards, lights and more. 

During the kit fitting process we will assess the bike for any mechanical issues and the mechanic will get in touch if anything is required or advised to be done. If agreed, the mechanical work will be carried out first. Then the bike will be prepared for the fit fitting.We will fit the motor an battery and any accessories that come witht he kit. Typically a new chain is required so a longer chain of the correct speed for your bike will be fitted. Once done, any accessories you would like can be fitted once the conversion is done. 

Our booking system keeps track of all the work carried out. A conversion typically takes 3-4 hours and can be done on the day once booked in. When the work is done, you receive a text from the workshop saying the bike is ready for collection. 
Fully kitted professional workshop to carry out your kit fitting
What will it cost?
Our professional kit fitting service is £199 and our pre kit service (excluding cost of parts) is £65. We do not offer a collection service, so the bike will need to be dropped off with us in our workshop in Guildford. Kit fittings are started and finished on the day the bike has been booked in. Barring any delays, electric bike conversions are done on the day.

Bike can be sent and collected from our shop if you would like to. The collection and the delivery of the bike will need to be organized by the customer. We are not liable for any damage the bike may incurr during transit. This is why we advise to bring the bike into our workshop.

Every bike will be test ridden by the mechanic. If the test ride shows that the cassette is badly worn, or the brake needs looking at then the mechanic will be in touch with regards to the work that the bike may need. The cost of parts varies based on the type of drivetrain and model that is fitted. 
What warranty is offered?
Clearly we hope that your new electric bike will work perfectly for years to come, but just in case something does go wrong we are there to support you. Assuming we built the bike, contact us if you suffer any problems with the bike, and we will work with you to try and rectify them. This may mean bringing the bike back to our workshop so we can carry out the work or warranty any broken parts. 
Do charge your battery every couple of weeks to maintain battery integrity
Dont leave batteries in a cold/damp shed during winter, this is detrimental for battery health
What kit will fit my bike?
It can be challenge when looking through the website to figure out what kit to go for. There are a multitude of options for different uses. Adding to the mix, there are many different types of bikes. And depnding on the bike and need a different eKit may be better suited than another.

Though all bikes could theoretically be converted, we advise you to send us a message if you are unsure about what kit would fit your bike best, please give us a call (use the number in the top bar), or use the live chat. Have photos ready of your bike for us to help us advise you on the right kit. Photos of the front of the bike, middle and rear including close up shots of your bottom bracket. Lastly a photo of the whole bike so we can see what we are working with.

Alternatively pop in the shop to have a chat with us and bring your bike in with you. We wont be able to carry out a conversion on the day though as we operate on a by booking basis.
Do send us photos of your bike and we can advise on the best kit for your ride
Get your kit on the Cyclescheme!
The Cycle to Work Scheme is a Government-backed initiative to encourage people to cycle to their place of work, and consequently reduce environmental pollution. It's also a way for you to save money on the cost of your cycle and spread the cost over a number of months, through your pay packet.

How do you get a conversion kit through Cycle to Work? The paperwork required differs for each scheme and should be available from your employer or from the links below for each scheme:
Due to the cost of running the Cycle To Work Schemes we have to add a 10% fee on top of the kit price to maintain profitability, otherwise we cannot afford to be apart of the scheme.
You can make savings up to 40% by using the a Cycle To Work Scheme!