Getting Started

E-bike conversion kits can be a little daunting to start with, but they are actually very simple and easy to figure out. Here are a few pages to help get you up and riding. We have a large range of kits for all types of riders, and below is what each kit is best suited for. This way you can be confident you are getting the right kit for you. Whether it's a kit for a bit of assist when our casually riding, maximum range, all-purpose kits that can go on & off road, all the way to high-power off-road monsters, we have them all here. 

Deciding which electric bike kit is right for you isn't always straightforward and there are several factors that will influence your decision. So, here's our quick guide to choosing an electric bike kit with the pros and cons of each kit listed to help you decide.

Road Legal Kits 

The following kits are legal to use on UK roads and are the same specification as the electrical components fitted to factory produced electric bike. 

They're designed to comply with UK law so will stop giving assistance at just over 15.5mph. The main question of course is "will 250w be powerful enough to help me up steep hills?" The answer is "Yes" - if you fit the pedal assistance system (which we strongly recommend - it will transform the riding experience). 

By choosing a high-power level on the pedal assistance controller and pedalling normally you'll have the ability to tackle hills that you wouldn't consider attempting on a normal bike. You only need to go for a more powerful 500w or 1000w rear kit if you're off-roading and have a need for speed. So, for on road use in even the hilliest areas then any of the 250w kits will be suitable from a performance and road-legal perspective. 

Off Road Kits

All of our motors will come in 250w mode to make them compliant with UK law, and when in their derestricted mode they're not allowed on UK roads. These kits are best for any riders who will want that bit of extra power when out in the countryside, but still wish to ride on the roads when required. The high powered kits are: 

TongSheng TSDZ2B - up to 500W

The acceleration and speed of the more powerful kits is something to behold - it really is great if you want to take your bike off-road for the weekend and have some fun. Both the 500Q and 1000W kits are gearless so there's some resistance/drag from the wheel when you're riding the bike without the power on. Deciding which of the 500W or 1000wWkits to choose is relatively simple - choose the 1000w if you want outright speed (up to 30mph) but don't have hills to tackle or choose the 500w kit if you want a combination of speed (20-25mph) and hill climbing ability. 

So, which kit should you choose? The 250w kits are the sensible options that will suit most needs from commuting; leisure cycling and holidays. The higher-powered kits will suit most thrill seekers who want to have some fun on their bike at the weekend. Whichever kit you decide to install on your bike you won't regret it - we never tire of watching our customers take their newly converted bike out for a test ride and proclaim (whilst smiling) "that felt great - it's makes cycling so easy".

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Talking care of your battery 

The battery, after the motor, is one of the key components of your eKit. Once you receive the kit and have fitted it give it a full charge when you first get your new system. Keep your battery topped up. Don’t keep the battery on charge, once fully charge. Ideally use a timer. Store the battery at approx room temperature. If it is too hot (+50c) or too cold (-2c) It will perform poorly and reduce the capacity over time. 

Give the battery 30-60 min "cooling off" time after uses or charges. This helps the chemistry inside the battery change from a discharge to a charging state or vice-versa. Make sure the battery is securely attached to the bike before riding. The battery should always be locked to the mounting plate when riding, if this feature is available. Check the connectors and connection pins to make sure no mud and dirt finds its way into the connectors and keep them clean. 

Never open a battery. If you have any problems or concerns, just get in touch with us right away and we will take care of it for you. 

Longer term storage: Batteries never turn off and will need to be checked on if not in use for extended periods of time. Keep at about 80% charge and at room temperature. Trickle charge every 1-2 weeks to keep it at approx 80%. Do not store in a garage/shed as it will get too cold. This requirement is minimal, and a quick charge every 2 weeks should be sufficient. 

What kit will fit my bike? 

It can be challenge when looking through the website to figure out what kit to go for. There are a multitude of options for different uses. Adding to the mix, there are many different types of bikes. And depnding on the bike and need a different eKit may be better suited than another. 

Though all bikes could theoretically be converted, we advise you to send us a message if you are unsure about what kit would fit your bike best, please give us a call (use the number in the top bar), or use the live chat. Have photos ready of your bike for us to help us advise you on the right kit. Photos of the front of the bike, middle and rear including close up shots of your bottom bracket. Lastly a photo of the whole bike so we can see what we are working with.

Alternatively pop in the shop to have a chat with us and bring your bike in with you. We wont be able to carry out a conversion on the day though as we operate on a by booking basis. 

Do send us photos of your bike and we can advise on the best kit for your ride 

Get your kit on the Cyclescheme! 

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a Government-backed initiative to encourage people to cycle to their place of work, and consequently reduce environmental pollution. It's also a way for you to save money on the cost of your cycle and spread the cost over a number of months, through your pay packet. 

How do you get a conversion kit through Cycle to Work? The paperwork required differs for each scheme and should be available from your employer or from the links below for each scheme: 

Bike2Work Scheme 
Green Commute Initiative - Our recommendation! 
Cycle Solutions 
Halfords Cycle2Work Scheme

Due to the cost of running the Cycle To Work Schemes we have to add a 10% fee on top of the kit price to maintain profitability, otherwise we cannot afford to be apart of the scheme. 

You can make savings up to 40% by using the a Cycle To Work Scheme!