It's not unusual to have a long list of questions about electric bikes - you're even more likely to have questions about how we convert a push bike to an electric bike. We've selected a few of the frequently asked questions below to help you.

What is an electric bike?
An electric bike has a battery powered motor that provides assistance when pedalling. The amount of assistance is governed by you, the rider, who can control the motor power via the handlebar mounted console.

How is an electric bike different from a normal bike?
An electric bike has a motor and a battery to add power to the normal pedalling action. The effect is that cycling becomes far easier, making pushing your bike up a hill a thing of the past.

What maintenance do I have to do on my electric bike?
An electric bike is no different from a traditional bike in that some routine maintenance is required. Therefore, checking tyres (pressure and tread wear), brake adjustment, and keeping all moving parts clean is essential. In addition, you also need to make sure that the battery is kept charged to ensure a long battery life.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
It depends on the battery, but typically it takes about 1.5 hours to charge to 80% battery capacity. A full charge may take up to 4 hours.

How far can I cycle on a full charge?
This depends on the size of the battery. We list the battery sizes in Ah (Amp Hours) - the bigger the Ah the more miles you'll get on a single charge

How easy is it to change the battery?
Very easy. The ebikes are designed to allow the battery to be changed in a matter of seconds and it's something that you can do yourself if ever the need arises.

Do I need extra batteries?
It's not necessary to have multiple batteries. Some people do buy an additional battery so that they always have one on charge. This way, they're guaranteed to have a fully charged battery for their bike.

Can I buy extra batteries from you and are they expensive?
We can supply extra batteries for your bike. The cost depends upon the battery - where possible we've listed all of the batteries as products on this website.

Can I use the bike without the battery being fitted or charged?
Yes - it's then just like using a traditional bike.

What does a kit weigh?
Typically a 250w kit weighs approximately 6kg (including battery) and a higher powered kit is approximately 9kg including battery

What is the specification of the motor?
The new evolution of ebike motors are brushless, which means that they are extremely quiet and very efficient. Outputs of the motors are listed against the specification of each bike.

Is there any resistance from the motor when the power is off?
With 250w geared hub motors there is no resistance. With direct drive 500w and 1000w hub motors there is some resistance, although it's not too noticeable when cycling with the power turned off.

Do I need to pay road tax (vehicle excise duty) on an ebike?
No - electric bikes are exempt from road tax.

Do I need a driving license to use an electric bike?
In most cases, no. There is the odd exception for certain ebikes that have a high top speed, and these bikes will also need to be registered with the DVLA. Check the bike details to be sure, but in most cases you'll find that you don't need a license to use an ebike.