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Certain bike types, bike models and suspensions (for example Carbon frames or Full Suspension bikes) need very careful planning and fitting to ensure that things such as minimum clearance spaces are met.

Please fill in the contact details form and attach pictures of your bike from different angles, especially the Bottom Bracket area (where the pedals & cranks are), and we'll call you once we've taken a good look at the pictures.

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Here are your Recommended Solutions


Here are your Recommended Solutions


Here are your Recommended Solutions
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Here are your Recommended Solutions


These options can be tailored precisely after we receive pictures of your bike. For example, you may want a larger Display, a different size Chainring; or more/less powerful Motor and Battery options.

Please fill in the contact details form and attach pictures of your bike from different angles, especially the Bottom Bracket area (where the pedals & cranks are), and we'll call you once we've taken a good look at the pictures.

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I've been meaning to drop you an email thanking you for converting my Cube to electric. I've now managed a few rides on it and it brings a smile every time I'm out on it as the miles roll by and I am now tackling routes I would have previously avoided.

Neil, Keele

My bike parts arrived today. After 2.....3 hours work I had it all fitted, charged and out for a test ride. It's back on charge now. Big smile on my face, so thank you. Question -what do I do with my bus pass now?

Les (65), Yorkshire

Thank-you again for sorting my Hopper bike. I used it today for the commute to work. Ran very smoothly left one of my young work colleagues "eating my dust" as I flew past him on his pushbike!

Cath, Stafford

I thought that you like t oknow that I did my test ride today, 39miles, 2300 plus ft of ascent and I flew up the hills. It was as though my legs were suddenly 15 years younger. I'm really chuffed!

Keith, Shropshire

Just a quick line to say I used my newly converted bike to work and back yesterday -what a joy ! The whole experience was absolutely brilliant; I never thought I would get to the top of the hills laughing out loud. I managed to iron out all of the hilly bits and the difference it took in time and effort was beyond my expectations!

Andrew, W.Mids

Many thanks for fixing the recent problem like most things so simple to put right.The fitting of the electric conversion went very well and I am delighted with the results. I will give the bike more of a run when it stops raining !! You can count me as another satisfied customer

Bernard, Leeds

Just to let you know I tried out the wheelchair trike yesterday for about one and a half hours and it was great. It was as fast as the previous setup and still a lot of power left in the battery. So from a very satisfied customer thank you very much

Derrick, South Wales

The electric motor is great and I can now get out and do some of my favourite runs again. I was diagnosed with aserious lung disease last year which has curtailed my cycling but no more. I did 17.5miles the other day up hill, brilliant!

Frank, London

Well had my maiden voyage yesterday and it was fantastic, such a difference on these brutal hills. I am trying to still have a good workout but I know that help is there when needed. I no longer have the dreaded feeling to get up and go to face the hills.

Rose, France

Just a quick note of thanks for the conversions. Both bikes have been put through their paces on the Norfolk 'hills' and are absolutely amazing.

Geoff, Norfolk

Just like to say how pleased I am with your service and the quality of the kit supplied by you. It arrived the next day and it is fitted and has transformed the bike!

Stuart, Hayling Island