Conversion Kits By Pendix

Conversion Kits By Pendix


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The Pendix crank motor system is the best electric conversion we've seen. It fits almost any bike, requires minimal cabling which results in a neat installation and your existing gearing and brakes are unaffected. The levels of power that the 250w motor and 48v lithium ion battery produce is quite incredible and given that it's made in Germany the quality is fantastic too!

How it Works
The Pendix system is a torque based electric kit. This means that the motor will sense when you’re putting more effort into your cycling and it will then automatically increase the power to give you more assistance. As you reduce your cycling effort the motor will automatically reduce the power to conserve the battery. Because the system is automatic you don’t need any controls on the handlebar – all you need to do is pedal and the electric motor does the rest for you.

Pedal Assistance Modes
Eco Mode: Low level of assistance. Ideal for long, flat stretches or when you want assistance on a long ride
Smart Mode: Medium level of assistance. This is the best mode to be in for normal cycling activities. The noticeable support and acceleration is like having a good wind behind you
Sport Mode: High level of assistance. Ideal for hills, mountains, steep gradients, loose or irregular surface, moderate to high wind against you.