CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 - 5000W eBike Torque Sensing Mid Drive Conversion Kit



The next generation

From the mountains to the coastlines, the X1 Pro suits over 95% of available bike frames in the market
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X1 Pro Gen 4

  • 5000W

    X12 & Redesigned Motor
  • 280N.m.

    Peak Torque
  • 36V-72V

  • 32T-40T

    Chainring Options
  • 68-120mm

    Bottom Bracket Options
  • CYC Ride Control

    Mobile App


Motor Core

With a 25% longer motor and redesigned motor core, experience the highest power to weight ratio in the eBike market with 1.5kW per kg.

Introducing the latest

X12 Controller

For the more extreme rides with double the capacity of the Gen 3's X6 controller, the X12 controller is capable of 84V and 120A input that delivers up to 6kW of peak power.


Torque Sensing Technology

Feel one of the best pedal assist sensation in the ebike world. Instant engagement with an ISIS-splined standard torque sensing system that ensures durability during extreme rides.

Any bike

Supreme compatibility

From the mountains to the coastlines, the X1 Pro suits over 95% of available bike frames in the market

Included In The BoxQ

  • Motor-reduction assembly
  • 219H chainring-reduction assembly 
  • Bicycle chainring with chainring cover 
  • 219H golden KMC chain 
  • ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle 
  • 165mm/ 175mm crank arm set 
  • Gen 4 torque sensor
  •  X12 controller (5000W) 
  • Built-in bashguard
  • Waterproof wire harness
  • Motor hanger 
  • 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm version / 2x 2mm spacers for BB92 version 
  • SW102 (up to 52V)/ DS103 Display (up to 72V) 
  • Thumb throttle/ Half-twist throttle/ Full twist throttle
  • Magnetic speed sensor
  • Magnetic brake sensors (optional) 
  • User manual (ecopy)

Let’s Answer Your Questions

Will the CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 fit my bike?

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of bikes, ensuring compatibility for up to 95% of bikes. 

To facilitate a hassle-free installation process, we've provided printable sheets below that you can easily print out and use to determine whether the motor or battery will fit your specific bike frame. If you are unsure, we encourage you to reach out to us for personalized assistance to confirm the fitting. 

Additionally, for a more accurate assessment, feel free to share detailed photos of your bike with us. Providing images of the entire bike, focusing on the front, middle, and rear sections, along with close-ups of bottom bracket, will allow us to do a fit check and recommend the most suitable kit for your frame. 

What voltage battery can I use?

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 electric bike conversion kit motor offers unparalleled versatility by accommodating a wide range of battery voltages, spanning from 36V to 72V. 

This expansive compatibility allows riders the flexibility to choose batteries based on their specific performance preferences and requirements. Whether seeking a balance between range and power at lower voltages or aiming for a high-performance setup with increased voltage, the X1 Pro Gen 4 caters to diverse rider needs. 

This adaptability not only enhances the customization options for electric bike enthusiasts but also ensures that the motor is suitable for various biking scenarios, from leisurely rides to more demanding terrains, making it a standout choice in the realm of electric bike conversion kits.

Where can I download the Ride Control app?

To access the CYC Ride Control app, an intuitive and user-friendly companion for your CYC X1 Pro Gen 4, simply navigate to your device's appstore. Whether you're an iOS user or prefer Android, you can find the CYC Ride Control app on the Apple App Store or Google Play store, respectively.

This dedicated app serves as the command center for your electric bike, offering a range of features to enhance your riding experience. Through the app, users can effortlessly customize and fine-tune various settings, such as power delivery, assist levels, and other performance parameters, providing a personalized and tailored ride. 

Additionally, the CYC Ride Control app may include real-time ride metrics, and firmware updates, ensuring that your electric bike is always optimized for the best performance. Downloading the CYC Ride Control app not only complements the cutting-edge technology of the X1 Pro Gen 4 but also empowers riders with a seamless and convenient interface to maximize the potential of their electric bike conversion kit.

Can I upgrade an older CYC gen kit?

Certainly! You can upgrade your electric biking experience by upgrading your older CYC Gen kit with the CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 Upgrade Kit. This specialized upgrade kit is meticulously crafted to breathe new life into your existing electric bike conversion setup. Designed with a focus on compatibility, the X1 Pro Gen 4 Upgrade Kit seamlessly integrates with earlier CYC Gen kits, allowing you to enjoy the latest advancements in electric bike technology without the need for a complete overhaul. 

Whether you're looking for enhanced motor power, increased battery capacity, or refined control features, this upgrade kit offers a comprehensive solution to cater to your evolving preferences. Embracing the CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 Upgrade Kit not only extends the lifespan of your electric bike but also ensures that you stay at the forefront of innovation in the world of electric biking.

How do I install the X1 Pro or X1 Stealth?

Installation of X1 Pro or X1 Stealth only takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes after the first attempt. This short installation time allows you to easily convert your MTB to an eMTB or switch the kit to a different frame.  

We encourage you to go through the kit's user manual as well as the app and display user guide. 

You can freely download these guides here. You can also find various installation videos on our Youtube channel that will help you along the way.